New Homes Program

The New Homes Program was created to incentivize Local Power Companies (LPCs) and valley homebuilders by promoting efficient electric load growth and load retention. This program offers a suite of new incentives in which LPCs choose the options that works best for them and their customers. Qualified builders are eligible for incentives for the equipment listed below:

  • All Electric Home (No Gas)
  • Electric Heat Pump and Conventional Electric Water Heater
  • Electric Heat Pump
  • Dual fuel Heat Pump and Conventional Electric Water Heater
  • Dual Fuel Heat Pump
  • Mini-Split (Whole Home)
  • Conventional Electric

For the purpose of the program a qualified builder is a developer or constructor of a new home or a homeowner acting as contractor for new home. Builder does not include homeowner who purchases a new home.

Please contact FPIA for additional details about the program or specific incentives available.